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Ad.vis Experts GmbH is your reliable partner for services mandatory to energy production using renewable energies.

From our office in Oldenburg we provide first class service for private and institutional operators throughout Germany.

We offer a full range of services tailored to your individual needs: We monitor the operations of wind turbines and solar parks with regards to technological and economic aspects, look after production facilities with wind turbines in service around the clock, develop concepts to optimize your production facility,…


You can mix and match services and service packages to fit your individual needs. We are happy to deliver any personalized solution.

Ad.vis Monitoring - Technical

Plant performance data, technical condition, downtime (reasons, causes, measures), site inspection (scheduled, unscheduled), documentation, evaluation and follow-up on open issues according to individual agreements.

Ad.vis Monitoring - Commercial

Monitoring of operating time and downtime, evaluating the economic effects, commercial assessment of implemented and projected measures, examination and settlement of claims against manufacturers and repair teams.

Ad.vis Monitoring - EISMAN

Monitoring, management of electricity feed-in by the network operator and/or transmission network operator, throttling by direct marketers, settlement of compensation claims.

TASKO ® Wind

Generating and transmission of inspection protocols (image, text, sound, video) on site, almost in real-time, operator interface via mobile devices: Systematic processing of system-specific parameters, minimizing downtime.

Direct Marketing

Which direct marketer is compatible with your system? Do you know your market value? Customize your conditions to the offered service package? We compare, evaluate and improve your product.

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Carsten Jaster


Technical Monitoring

Tel.: +49 (0)441 68 30 990